I grew up in the PNW, but lived in the south and the east coast for part of my adult life. I moved back to the PNW about 15 years ago and cannot image being happy anywhere else. I love the distinct seasons, and the snowpack the area that I live enjoys each winter, but that snowpack dominance that the area where I live is projected to shift to a snow/rain mix dominance by 2040. 29983328_10156230598323926_6401066984872041268_o

For those of you who really know me, you know I went back to school to finish two Bachelor of Science degrees a few years ago. Delving into intensive education that revolves around healthy ecosystems, building soil health, and landscape design has been very interesting! As it often happens, you tend to learn a lot about yourself through the college process, and I have found that I am deeply invested in helping others with their growing systems; big and small. We only have one planet, and although I am just one person, I am armed with a big heart and a lot of incredible knowledge to share. My educational background is through an A.T.S. in Sustainable & Organic Agriculture, a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences, a B.S. in Sustainability, a minor in Environmental Sciences, a certification in Viticulture Sustainability, a certification in Permaculture Design from Oregon State University & PINA (Permaculture Institute of North America), and a certification in Advanced Permaculture Design for Climate Resilience from Oregon State University and PINA.

HORT 485 Sector Compass Guild Cross Section

Jaulin evelation profile

Now that I’m done with my undergraduate studies, I’m adding some new pages to the blog, which will revolve around permaculture design with native perennials, ecosystem conservation, gardening, and one of my true loves and important sustainable solutions…wild pollinators. I will always be a lover of baking and cooking, and you’ll see updated recipes in that category too!


If I can be of help, you have a question, or need some help designing some sustainable perennial solutions into your growing system, send me a message!


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