I had a boss once who always chatted with me about living an organic lifestyle. We also chatted frequently about eating local. That doesn’t just mean what’s in your stores at the time, that means eating what is seasonally grown locally only. It’s actually a very different way of thinking. That means if you see strawberries from Chile, why would you buy those and not pears that were fresh and readily available from your state? Sometimes, you just want the berries, man. Even if it’s January. It really helped me make some changes and I try to eat seasonal, local  and organic ingredients.  It’s a little more expensive to eat organic, but worth it.


Here’s my deal: If you are diagnosed with cancer, one of the very first things a doctor will tell you is to switch to a 100% organic diet. Why not switch now, before such a horrible diagnosis? You might still have cancer someday, regardless. But you might not. Sometimes it’s some other factor that causes it, or genetics. I choose not to take that chance for myself, or my children. Have you tasted the difference between organic and conventional milk? Organic vs conventional bananas? Try those! Those were the 2 top mind-blowing organic attempts in my life, many years ago.


It’s just us, up on a 4600 acre wheat farm, in the middle of nowhere with my cute guy and adorable kiddos. Oh, and 1 dog, 4 cats, the occasional coyote and even a cow!  🙂 I am always stocked up, ready to bake or cook! I’ve found that when I am not stocked up for the month, something comes up and I sure wish I was!


I’m a Star Wars nerd. When May the 4th comes around- watch out! I make some crazy stuff. Like Blue Milk Bantha Burgers, Princess Leia bun cupcakes…etc. Bacon is one thing I won’t do without. I’m a carnivore who loves veggies too. Message me with questions- I am happy to answer!

Happy Baking!



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