Roasting Veggies!

Whether I’m roasting broccoli, carrots, cauliflower or potatoes, I’ve found that it’s important to make sure everything is close to the same size to ensure even roasting.

I always drizzle olive oil and sprinkle sea salt and cracked black pepper on the Silpat prior to loading the sheet pan with the cut veggies. After I top with veggies, I drizzle and sprinkle a little more, add 3-4 cloves of chopped fresh garlic and fresh herbs. In this roasting, I added fresh oregano and flat leaf parsley, because my herb garden is is going wild right now!

*One tip I’ve learned through failure is if you want to throw broccoli or cauliflower on with your other veggies, they take half the time to roast! Just add them after you’ve flipped the others and you’ll be great!

I preheat the oven to 400 degrees and then roast for 20-30 mins depending on how crispy you’re wanting your roasted veggies!

This Veronica Romanesco will be roasted soon! (I literally check on my Romanesco plants every day!)

I could literally eat roasted veggies every single day. When I pack my lunch, I love to bring them in a container and just munch on them, even if they’re cold!

Happy roasting!


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